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Sustainability shaped
with quality

Did you know that Poleva has shaped more than 100,000,000 insoles in the last 33 years?


From synthetic to sustainable materials

The first moulds used by Poleva were mostly made from synthetic materials, such as EVA or polyethylene. However, as we increased our production capacity, it was necessary to look for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

We started to use new materials, like cork, in some of our products. And, after some tests in different molds, it became clear that there was room to increase the number of products that we could create with more environmentally friendly materials.


Versatile moulds: same base for different products

Palmilhas Poleva

These two images show two insoles made from the same mould. While the yellow insole has a base made of plastic materials, the model on the right was created with recycled and sustainable materials, such as cork and recycled polyurethane.

Despite the mold being the same, the choice of materials had a big impact on the final result of the product. The heel piece of the insole on the right side ensures greater absorption of the impact created by daily use of the shoes. The lateral grooves give the insole more malleability, and the use of polyurethane brings an extra layer of comfort for any type of foot.

This example shows how the choice of materials not only can make Poleva’s insoles more sustainable, but also more comfortable and adapted to the needs of each of our partners.


Custom-made and environmentally friendly insoles

From the same mold, we can create various solutions – customized solutions for each of our partners. And besides producing insoles with more sustainable materials, Poleva is focused on constantly adapting its production to offer even more comfort.