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Rethinking comfort
for “a.li.ás”

Explore how the collaboration between a.li.ás and Poleva gave birth to revolutionary insoles that epitomize sustainable comfort, defying conventional boundaries.

A vision takes shape

a.li.ás granted Poleva the artistic freedom to envision the epitome of innovation. However, such liberty bears the weight of responsibility, as our solution must align with our unwavering standards of quality and vision.

And we saw it as an opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible! The question wasn’t just about finding a solution, it was about shaping a masterpiece that resonates with our commitment to the client needs.


Filling existing soles

We engineered a insole that seamlessly embraced the existing sole, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced comfort.


Our solution embraced sustainability without compromise, creating an eco-friendly marvel that honors both function and form.


Through meticulous design and advanced materials, we crafted a insole that redefined comfort, elevating each step.

Behind the scenes


Our journey blended sustainability dedication with the selection of supremely comfortable materials. This fusion successfully met the challenge of creating a product of unparalleled comfort.


Every nuance of this insole's design was meticulously crafted to meet shoe constraints and customer expectations. It was a process involving planning, creativity, and rigorous testing, enhancing the insole's performance.


After careful material selection and rigorous testing, we opted for thermoforming technology for manufacturing. This choice ensured the desired product's highest quality and precision.

The result

In the end, it’s not just about finding a solution, it’s about shaping a revolution and the outcome speaks for itself.

These insoles showcase a harmonious fusion of carefully chosen materials. It integrates recycled materials with properties like antimicrobial, breathability, and odor resistance.

“a.li.ás” now stands tall with a solution that doesn’t just fill shoes, it fulfills aspirations.