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Innovation in
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Our mission is to craft excellence while minimizing waste, forging a future where innovation is synonymous with responsibility.

Development Pathway

Development Pathway

Step 1

We begin by listening to your needs, challenges, and objectives. We then sketch and conceptualize proposals, laying the foundation for your solution.

Development Pathway

Step 2

We meticulously select materials to bring your vision as close to reality as possible.

Development Pathway

Step 3

Here, innovation takes root and we start transforming concepts into 3D reality.

Development Pathway

Step 4

A pre-visualization stage lets you see the potential, dimensions, and materials.

Development Pathway

Step 5

Our samples undergo a dual-phase process: initial mold development and the presentation of a first sample to align our progress with your expectations. Here, confirming materials, thicknesses, and dimensions is crucial.

Development Pathway

Step 6

By developing our molds, we enhance the collection development process, making it more effective and efficient, as well as faster, without compromising the quality of products.

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Efficiency in motion

3D Scanning Precision

Our 3D scanner meticulously examines the essence of objects, translating them into real-world measurements.

Specialized 3D Development

Our dedication to perfection is powered by specialized 3D development and rendering programs. This enables us to craft models that are 100% tailored to your needs.

In-House Mold Machining

This means swift progress in new project developments, intricate detailing, and 100% personalization, with the capacity to produce up to 60 molds monthly.

Expertise & Solutions

In the world of thermoforming, it’s not just about creating products, it’s about ensuring they perform. We’ve mastered the art of molding form to function, maximizing product potential, and minimizing waste.

Explore our Projects
Projects 11-12-2023
Rethinking comfort for “a.li.ás”

Explore how the collaboration between a.li.ás and Poleva gave birth to revolutionary insoles that epitomize sustainable comfort, defying conventional boundaries.

Explore our Projects

Thermoforming insights

A new project unfolds in about 15 business days, ushering your vision from concept to reality.

Between two to four weeks, embracing the alchemy of creativity and production. Your quantities guide our speed.

Our iterative process starts with ideation, followed by 3D modeling, samples, and client approval. It’s a collaborative journey from concept to creation.

Our insoles are designed for seamless integration with footwear, ensuring they fit effortlessly and elegantly.

We offer a range of options – from utilizing our existing molds, featuring various thicknesses, to crafting a bespoke masterpiece tailored to your vision.

Sustainability is the heart of our innovation. Our materials range from sugarcane-derived polyethylene to recycled EVA and PU, embracing biodegradable and repurposed cork.

Absolutely. From conception to final packaging, we offer an end-to-end solution, extending to global distribution.

Internal mold machining empowers us to control quality, accelerate development, and infuse intricate details that set our creations apart.

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