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Poleva assumes the accomplishment of all its activities with the objective of minimize undesirable environmental impacts, always considering the prevention of pollution. Therefore, Poleva takes on this commitment to prevent the environment at the highest level, based on the following principles:

• Protect the environment and minimize the environmental impacts of its activities, implementing, whenever possible, the best practices and techniques in the existing market.

• The elimination of environmental aspects and impacts is a priority and the responsibility of top management.

• Ensure, before starting any activity, that all workers are aware of the impacts associated with their activity and how they can contribute to minimize pollution.

• Ensure compliance with Environmental legislation and other applicable regulations, always considering national and international standards, adopting best practices in cases where the legislation is non-existent.

• Promote training on Environmental Management among all workers, with the objective of making them more aware of their responsibilities and obtaining the necessary knowledge to control and minimize impacts during the execution of their tasks.

• Promote consultation and participation of workers at all levels and functions in the Environmental Management, eliminating all obstacles or barriers to their participation and minimizing those that cannot be eliminated.

• Make Environment conditions a benefit for Poleva, promoting the continuous improvement of Environmental performance.

• Definition of environmental objectives and goals aiming the environmental impacts associated with activities developed with greater emphasis on waste management, the rational use of energy and with a view to continuous improvement.


Data/Date: 24 /02 / 2021
Rev. 01