POLEVA's range of products is characterized by a diverse selection of the highest-quality materials, ranging from natural fibres and raw materials to advanced synthetic materials and fibres, thus ensuring that POLEVA's thermoformed products can be applied to numerous industry sectors.


EVA, or Ethylene-vinyl acetate, is a thermoplastic synthetic foam that produces soft and flexible products, making it ideal for a number of different applications.
Available in perforated and non-perforated variants.



Cork is the 100% natural and vegetal raw material extracted from cork oak trees. Given its special properties, cork is widely used and enjoys practical applications in a vast array of products.


Felt is a textile material. Felt can be obtained from natural fibres, like wool or animal fur or from synthetic fibres. Felt is a multi-purpose material that may be used in several different products.



Highly malleable Polyethylene foam (Chemical/Physical).



Latex is a natural rubber obtained from thousands of different species of plants. The properties of each different species afford latex great popularity among many industry sectors, going from daily use items to industrial-grade equipment and gear. Through polymerization, one can obtain synthetic latex.



Polyurethane, which commonly goes by the initials PU, is a widely used polymer to produce rigid and flexible foams which, in turn, can be applied to numerous products.



PORON® is a high-density Polyurethane foam. Invented and trademarked by Rogers. It possesses excellent shock-absorbing properties.